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Let’s make this group active!

Hi Friends,

Having so many followers is an achievement, but if the group was little interactive the achievement could be prouder! Please contribute to make this group little more interactive and do share your opinions about my previous post1 and post2 

We’re waiting to listen from your side!

Here’s another entry in the cooking category www.teluguvantillu.wordpress.com.


You can find healthy, Indian,  vegetarian menu here! Do check out!!

Inviting you to participate guys!…



Challenge the challenges…

Hi Friends,

This week let’s discuss the challenges faced during initial period of blogging. Infact bloggers find many challenges like inspiration to write, creating headers or themes or lack of motivation or various other reasons…

Please share here challenges you faced during blogging and how you overcame them…

BlogUmberilla team.

We’re thrilled!

Dear bloggers,

We’re overwhelmed by the responses and likes that you are giving to the posts of BlogUmberilla.

We’d love to hear from you…..please let us know about your work by entering your blog’s name with a lovely description about it. We’d love to share it with others!!

For all those bloggers new to BlogUmberilla and those who are following BlogUmberilla,but not yet introduced their amazing blogs in the respective sections are warmly invited to do this.

We wish to keep this group lively and interactive with your participation…

BlogUmberilla..Variant blogs under single shade!!!

Wonderful entrees this fortnight at BlogUmberilla


Dear Friends,

BlogUmberilla found wonderful and diversified entrees this fortnight. A whole-hearted welcome these creative and amazing bloggers.

1. Find amazingly inspiring and encouraging thoughts of love and support at A Letter to my children. This site is rich in supporting advises and guides you to solve your confusions in your life.

2. Here is one more travel buff with us! Don’t miss the travel experiences of this amazing wanderer at Woman Elsewhere.

3. Get spiritually inspired at A Life Student which has highly motivating spiritual messages.

4.  Dont forget to check the lip smacking recipes at Aromas and Flavors.

Blog Umberilla is steadily growing its popularity with such diversified entrees every week. Thank you all friends for making this possible.

The idea behind this platform is to make bloggers of same domain get in touch with each other, stay inspired and share thoughts to grow their skills. With all your inputs Blog Umberilla will surely do this purpose.

Other friends, we welcome you to join us!!

And those who have already found their entrees in BlogUmberilla , we request you to show your care for us by adding our badge to your site, That would really inspire us !!


Happy blogging!!

Blog Umberilla welcomes these lovely women aboard!!



Hi friends,

We have two lovely women bloggers aboard this week at Blog Umberilla.

Payal Niharika of LikeASilverLake who has an interesting collection of poems, writings, articles and fiction.

Sherri of A View from my SummerHouse where she writes about her past and the present family life.

Well, ladies! happy blogging and thanks for joining us!!

Other bloggers, we need your encouragement. Please enter your blogs under respective categories at BlogUmberilla and meet bloggers of your domain. Get in touch with them and share your writing with us!!!

Happy blogging !!

Newbies of the week at BlogUmberilla


Hi friends,

Here are the new joinees of this week at BlogUmberilla.

1. Blogger JyotiSinghChauhan of blog MyJourneySoFar . She pens her experiences on spiritual, traveling and health. Check her blog at http://jcisnowjs.wordpress.com/

2. Blogger mhobloggeruk of blog FirstTimeBloggerUK. She is a non techie mum just started blogging. Do meet her at http://firsttimebloggeruk.wordpress.com/

3.Blogger AnitaHendrieka of an inspirational travel  blog at anitahendrieka.org Check her travel experiences and you will find something interesting.

4. Blogger Elisa of blog AroundUs. She is a cute girl who loves her family and blogs about her experiences in daily life. Meet her at http://teewernshen.wordpress.com/

Welcome aboard dear friends. We thank you for joining this growing community. Hope you can meet bloggers of your interest and grow your blogging skills.

Other bloggers, we need your encouragement. Please join your blogs under respective categories at BlogUmberilla and meet bloggers of your domain. Get in touch with them and share your writing with us!!!

Happy blogging !!


Inspirers of the week at Blog Umberilla

inspirers of the week

Hi everybody,

Here are the inspiring bloggers who joined Blog Umberilla this week. All these people come from variant backgrounds in blogging but still united by the clan of Blog Umberilla…

1.  lalaness Blogger lalaness of http://bluedaybeau.wordpress.com/ under Health and fitness category.

2.Rachel K Blogger Rachel K of http://globedrifting.wordpress.com under photography category.


3. thai Blogger Crazyguyinthailand of http://www.CrazyGuyinThailand.wordpress.com under travel category.


4.sandra Blogger Sandra of  http://www.quirkybooks.wordpress.com under Writing category.


5. swethadhaara Blogger SwethaDhaara of http://ladiesbulletin.com/ and http://essentiallescienza.wordpress.com/ under travel and education category respectively.


A big thanks to all these amazing people who has entered their blogs under respective categories. You serve as an inspiration for us and others too!


Other bloggers, we need your encouragement. Please join your blogs under respective categories at BlogUmberilla and meet bloggers of your domain. Get in touch with them and share your writing with us!!!

Happy blogging !!


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